Develop a Current Condition

5 - 300 minutes
2 - 8 players
Face-to-Face Play

Step 2

What is the current condition at this moment in time?

Once your Challenge is completed, use the Current Condition to establish and record the current state of the focus process that you are currently working on with facts and metrics. Typically when you are learning Kata, it is recommended to work on 1 or 2 elements at a time.

  • Define and understand the Current Condition.
  • Define current pattern of work and document it. This is where you create your flow chart, process map, and etc.
  • Obtain facts and data to support pattern of work
  • The more detailed your pattern of work is, it will be easier to create a target condition
  • Do not take more than 1-2 weeks to identify the current condition
  • What do I know? What don’t I know? What is my threshold of knowledge?
  • Do not place blame on people, it is the process that needs to changed.


Elements can be process elements or result elements. Process elements are how something is done. Processes are what can be changed that directly impact the result element. Result elements are the measurement.

Current Condition

Document the current condition elements. These are the elements that you are currently focusing on during the experiment. Also, include your flow chart diagrams.

What to Do Next

The Current Condition elements must match the Target Condition elements. The Current Condition metrics are where you are at this time. The Target Condition metrics are where you want to be at the achieve date.

Source: Mike Rother and Rick Fleming