Develop a Target Condition

5 - 20 minutes
3 -12 players
Face-to-Face Play

Step 3

A Target Condition is an interim goal on the way to the Challenge, described in greater detail than the Challenge. It usually takes several successive target conditions to reach a Challenge, so it is sometimes called the “Next Target Condition.”

This only describes where you want to be next, not how to get there. That will be figured out through experimenting in the next step of the IK pattern.

A Target Condition describes a desired future set of circumstances that lie beyond our current knowledge threshold. We don’t yet know how we will get there.

This Condition has a specified achieve-by date, which is often between 1 week and 3 months out. Longer than that is often ineffective and should generally be broken down to smaller Target-Condition increments. Do not put solutions in a target condition. This is a common error in defining a target condition. You can add to a target condition, but not take anything away.


The coach sets the target condition date. The learner fills in what they want to achieve by the target date.


This is the Outcome Metric and the value you want it to have on the achieve-by date.


Describe the operating pattern you predict will generate the desired outcome. This is the “How” you will achieve your target condition. It is also known as the Process Metric.

What to Do Next

Identify the Obstacle that you are trying to overcome relative to the Target Condition.

Once the achieve-by date is reached (or the Target Condition is achieved), then the team performs a target review.

Source: Mike Rother and Rick Fleming