Stories of Success

60-120 minutes
9-18 players
Face-to-Face Play
Envisioning is a tactic with a proven track record in sports, behavioral healthcare, and the arts. This exercise offers the benefits of envisioning to project teams.

Using Stories of Success at the beginning of a project helps teams think through the potential impact of their work and inspire them to get started.

  1. Imagine
    1. Begin by asking your team of at least 6 people to imagine some point several years into the future after their project has succeeded. Ask each person to take some time to consider and make notes in response to these questions:
      • How has success changed the landscape?
      • How did customers benefit from our success?
      • How are other stakeholders impacted by our success?
      • How did succeeding change the way we work?
      • What new opportunities are on the horizon?
  2. Depict the Vision
    1. Divide participants into smaller groups (2-4 people) to discuss their thoughts and to brainstorm a common vision of what this successful future looks like. Each group be given 20-30 minutes to create a visual depiction of their ideas. Teams can create hand-drawn panels (in cartoon style) or a design a slideshow collaboratively in slideshow software.
  3. Share and Reflect
    1. Gather the entire group and give each small group 3 minutes to present their “story of success.” You may find it helpful to note surprising ideas or common themes as you watch the presentations. Teams may hang their work in a common work space for inspiration throughout the project.
Tip: Some people may feel intimidated by drawing; remind the team that basic stick figures and speech balloons are adequate for this exercise.