Play Sequence: Practical Brainstorming

40 - 90 minutes
3-12 players

Organizing a Post-Up into manageable segments with labels helps teams transition to decision-making

At the end of a Post-Up, your project team will be facing a wall of stick notes, many of which will represent great ideas. However, without focus, this can feel overwhelming.

In addition, the brevity of certain sticky notes makes the ideas open to interpretation. Cloud Grouping encourages teams to investigate the findings by identifying patterns.

Practical Brainstorming combines the “divergent” exercise of a Post-Up with the “convergent” exercise of Cloud Grouping. It’s an effective way to explore these two modes of thinking in a single meeting.


The act of writing makes ideas into physical things. Using sticky notes, markers, and a large empty wall, teams can transform thoughts into artifacts that can be pointed to, sorted, and grouped. The Post-Up is a cornerstone of many divergent thinking exercises.

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Cloud Grouping

Organizing a Post-Up into manageable segments with labels to help teams transition to a decision-making stage.

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