Cloud Grouping

20-30 minutes
3-12 players
Face-to-Face Play

Organizing a Post-Up into manageable segments with labels helps teams transition to decision-making.

At the end of a divergent exercise, your project team will have many great ideas. However, without focus, this can feel overwhelming. Cloud Grouping encourages teams to investigate and converge the findings by identifying patterns.

  1. Find the Most Prevalent Idea
    1. Starting with the most prevalent idea, the facilitator finds a note representing that idea and moves it to a clear part of the board.
  2. Group Similar Ideas
    1. The facilitator then asks participants to name other cards that are related to the first and proceeds to form a “cloud” of ideas by moving additional sticky notes around the first.
  3. Ensure Every Idea Belongs to a Cloud
    1. Rarely, a team will feel like it has fully completed a cloud group. Itʼs more common for a group member to speak up and point out that a particular note from the group actually means something different, and itʼs time to start a new cloud based on that group. By the end of this exercise, every note should belong to its own cloud. Sometimes a cloud will only have one note.