Increase success by putting two minds on a task

The principle of pairing comes from the software industry. Software companies learned that asking developers to literally share a keyboard forced them to solve more problems while they did their work, rather than after they said it was done.

How is pairing effective?

Not convinced that this is an effective way to work? In software development, pairs spend about 15% more time on programs than individuals. However, the resulting code has about 15% fewer defects.

Pairs typically consider more design alternatives than programmers working alone, and arrive at simpler, more maintainable designs; they also catch design defects early

You can pair by setting up a time on your calendar, or you can informally pair by or asking for help when your task becomes a roadblock. Environment is a critical factor in facilitating pairing: establishing side-by-side desks or regularly used community work spaces makes pairing a workplace norm.