Develop a Kata Learner’s Storyboard

40 - 90 minutes
3 - 12 players
Face-to-Face Play

The learner’s storyboard is a template that brings together all of the information from the Improvement Kata. The layout follows the pattern of the Five Questions of the Coaching Kata so that the document provides a framework for the coaching cycles.

In the Planning Phase of the Improvement Kata, the storyboard is where the Learner will build up the information section by section as the coaching cycles begin. In the Executing Phase, each section is reviewed and updated with each coaching cycle.

The structured layout is comprised of the following:

  1. Challenge
    1. Use the Challenge to state the vision. This can be 6 months (or smaller) to 1-year goal, typically established by upper management.
  2. Process
    1. The focus should be on the process, not the outcome.
  3. Current Condition
    1. Once your Challenge is completed, use the Current Condition to establish and record the current state of the focus process with facts and metrics.
  4. Target Condition
    1. Determine and state the next target condition, the desired condition of a process we strive to achieve in 1 -4 weeks. (Establishing a target condition allows measurable results to be achieved faster than random improvements.)
  5. Obstacles
    1. Generate a list of possible items that are preventing us from being at the Target Condition right now. Experiment cycles will focus on one Obstacle at a time.
  6. Experiment (PDCA) Cycles
    1. Record the activity and results of each experiment, the Plan-Do-Check-Act (PDCA) cycles.

What to Do Next

Create or download the learner’s storyboard.

Source: Mike Rother and Rick Fleming