Arrow Framework

15 - 45 minutes
2 - 4 players

Stop wasting other people’s time in effective meetings with the Arrow Framework!

This planning tool helps teams develop effective meetings that have a realistic agenda, a stated purpose, a person or people responsible for leading, and actionable outcomes.

  1. Define the Purpose
    1. On paper or a whiteboard, draw the Arrow Framework with the meeting start and end time at either end. Write the purpose of the meeting purpose at the pointed end of the arrow, and help the team develop a list of meeting goals and outputs.
  2. Brainstorm Inputs
    1. Help the team brainstorm a list of inputs, the documents or work to be completed before the meeting, along with any documents people should bring with them to the meeting. List these at the beginning of the arrow.
  3. Divide & Conquer
    1. Work with the team to decide how to break the meeting into segments that will fit the time constraints and achieve meeting goals, adding a description and person responsible for each. This can be translated into an agenda and distributed to all meeting participants.