These tools & exercises plays help team members think of a project from a different person’s point of view.

Stakeholder Map

Brainstorming a list of the various types of people involved in or impacted by a project you’re undertaking

Case Study

Defining done for a task or assignment creates shared expectations about outcomes or work products. Use this exercise at the beginning of a project to increase team transparency, accountability, and project success.

Empathy Map

Empathizing with your stakeholders by imagining what they think, see, hear, and do

Play Sequence: Telling Our Story

The “Telling Our Story” play sequence takes us through thinking about our audience, cutting down our jargon, and finally assembling a new story with our audience in mind.

Explain it Like I’m Five

Individual assumptions and jargon are harmful to the transparency and accountability needed for effective project work. This quick exercise helps teams build project clarity by imagining they are talking to a five-year-old they know.


Imagining the motivations and habits of the people you serve will help your team foster empathy, and improve product and service offerings