5 - 30 minutes

1 - 3 players

face-to-face play

Define a Challenge Statement

The Challenge Statement or goal is created by the manager.  It should not be changed, but can be added to for clarification.  The first step is to define the purpose or why for the challenge.  It should be meaningful, frequent enough to measure, process oriented, customer focused and something not too easy.   The next step is how do we know if success is achieved?

The challenge is where you want to be in the future.



Use the Challenge to state the vision. This can be 6 months (or smaller) to 1-year goal, typically established by upper management.  What is the problem that needs to be solved?  Describe what success looks like.

Grasp the Challenge

Make sure that the team understands the Challenge.  What is the "why"?

What are the measurements?

How do you know if you are successful?  How do you measure success?  This is the outcome metric for the challenge.

*Source: Mike Rother and Rick Fleming

What To Do Next

Review the challenge statement with the team.  Make sure the team understands the challenge.