Kata Templates

The Creativity Playbook is a repository of information designed to help make innovation a daily practice in our workplace. This page shows a list of “Kata Templates,” or tools to conduct a Kata.

The Kata 4 steps are:

  1. Get the Direction or Challenge Statement
  2. Grasp the Current Condition
  3. Establish your Next Target Condition (date)
  4. Conduct Experiments to get there using PDCA

Kata Templates

Define Obstacles

An obstacle is temporary roadblock that provides an opportunity to learn and make improvements.

Define the Challenge Statement

The first step is to define the purpose or why for the challenge. It should be meaningful, frequent enough to measure, process oriented, customer focused and something not too easy.

Develop a Current Condition

Define current pattern of work and document it. This is where you create your flow chart, process map, and etc.

The 5 Questions (Coach’s Card)

The coach is a mentor that teaches the scientific thinking. The coach guides the team through the Kata process, but not provide the solution.