Design Thinking Toolbox

Empower your team with a to-go kit of the tools required for most design thinking tasks at any time



Design Thinking Toolbox

Design thinking takes practice! As empowering as design thinking tools like the Post-Up can be for a team, it can be hard to introduce them to a culture that isn’t used to working that way every day. Further, it takes intentional practice for methods to sink in.

A Toolbox Makes It Easier

By creating a kit that contains all the elements needed for most design thinking activities and storing it in a commonplace, you can encourage your team to use these tools on a more regular basis.

One of the beauties of the Design Thinking Toolbox is portability. We use small toolboxes with a removable tray. Markers get stored in the top tray, with sticky notes, cards, dot-voting stickers, and other items stored in the bottom.

The ideal toolbox is small and light enough to be carried in one hand. This way, impromptu design thinking meetings can be held in individual offices, meeting rooms, or even hallways!

The contents of these boxes are the tools of the design thinker.